Application of Mud And Stone Separator

Mud stone separator is also called the earth stone separator. It is suitable for the separation of mud stone, sand stone, ore and other stone materials, various kinds of domestic garbage, various kinds of commercial and industrial garbage, coal, decoration, construction waste, sticky and wet materials. It can be classified according to different proportion, size … Read more

Seven factors affecting output of Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is one of the popular medium and fine crushing equipment, which is suitable for crushing all kinds of medium hard and hard materials. The output of cone crusher is affected by many factors. If these factors are selected properly, the output of the equipment will be increased. This paper shares 7 factors that … Read more

What is High Pressure Suspension Mill?

High pressure suspended roller mill is mainly suitable for grinding various non flammable and explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6%. The finished product particles can be adjusted in the range of 50-325 mesh. The main processing materials are quartz, feldspar, barite, calcite, limestone, talc, ceramics, iron ore, silicon carbide, bauxite … Read more

How make tunnel slag turned into sand?

With the development of road engineering, the proportion of tunnel and excavation Subgrade in mountain road engineering is increasing. In the process of tunnel and subgrade excavation, a large number of tunnel slag and stone slag will inevitably be produced. Due to the influence of construction technology, construction organization and other factors, a large number … Read more

How to dry chicken manure and obtain economic benefits?

Chicken manure rotary dryer is used to dry chicken manure, duck manure, pig manure, quail manure and other animal manure, slaughtering wastes, etc. It is suitable for large, medium and small chicken farms and areas with developed breeding industry. According to the requirements of drying products, different heat sources can be used. Such as: coal, natural gas, … Read more

How to make sand from river pebbles?

As a kind of pure natural stone, its main chemical composition is silica, followed by a small amount of iron oxide and trace elements and compounds such as manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium and so on. They have different pigments, such as red for iron, blue for copper, purple for manganese, yellow translucent for silica colloidal … Read more

Properties and Application of Dolomite

The main component of dolomite is calcium magnesium carbonate, the chemical composition is CaMg (CO3)2, the theoretical chemical composition is CaO30.4%, MgO21.7%, CO247.9%, Mg in the composition can be replaced by Fe, Mn, Co, Zn , Ca can be replaced by Pb and Na. When the number of iron or manganese atoms exceeds magnesium, it … Read more

Summary of Iron Ore Beneficiation Process and Technology (Ⅱ)

Today, Fodamon engineers continue to explain the weak magnetic iron ore processing technology and methods: Weakly magnetic iron ore 1. Single weakly magnetic iron oreIt includes hematite, siderite, limonite and hematite (Specularite) – Siderite of sedimentary metamorphic, sedimentary, hydrothermal and weathering deposits. This kind of ore dressing production practice is less, because of the variety … Read more

Summary of Iron Ore Beneficiation Process and Technology (Ⅰ)

Beneficiation process flow refers to the production process in which the mined ore is obtained to meet the smelting requirements after various operations. Beneficiation process flow mainly includes: ore crushing and screening, ball mill grinding and classifier classification, mineral separation (gravity separation, flotation and magnetic separation, etc.), mineral dehydration (concentration, filtration, drying, etc.). Mineral processing … Read more

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