Hammer crusher hammer wear fast? 6 reasons that affect the service life of hammers you must know Ⅱ

FODAMON engineers continue to analyze the reasons that affect the service life of the hammer.

04 Technical parameters of 04 crusher

The service life of the hammer is also related to the technical parameters of the crusher, the most important of which is the power and speed of the rotor body. These two parameters directly reflect the linear velocity and impact force of the hammer, which are not only related to the production capacity of the crusher, but also related to the impact hardening degree of the hammer.

The service life of hammers with good impact hardening is bound to be prolonged. If the rotor speed is too low, not only the production capacity is low, but also the kinetic energy is low, resulting in poor impact hardening and poor wear resistance of the hammer head; If the rotor speed is too high, the hammer head will get better impact hardening and equipment productivity will be improved, but at the same time, it will also cause strong wear of hammer head, grate bar and lining plate, which is not conducive to the service life of hammer head, and will significantly increase power consumption.

05 Gap of each part in crusher structure

Here mainly refers to the gap between the rotor body and the crushing plate, grate bar and feeding roller, as well as the gap between the hammer head. The size of these gaps is related to whether there is material accumulation on the grate bar and near the safety door.

If there is accumulated material, when the hammer can not press the accumulated material down from the grate bar, it will suffer serious friction and wear. If the gap is too small, it can improve the crushing quality and efficiency of materials, but it is easy to form material accumulation and blockage, leading to hammer wear. If the gap is too large, the material accumulation can be avoided, but the crushing effect and efficiency are low. Therefore, when the hammer crusher is in use, the clearance of each part must be adjusted frequently to make it in an appropriate range. The structure of grate bar is improved to keep smooth discharge and reduce the wear of hammer head.

06 Feeding condition of crusher

The feeding conditions include: ① the particle size and hardness of the feed. ② The feeding mode of crusher. The former is related to whether the crusher will accumulate materials and the impact impulse when the hammer strikes the materials, while the latter is related to the different drop of materials to the rotor due to different feeding methods, which also affects the impact impulse when the hammer strikes the materials.

When the hammer weight and rotor speed are fixed, the impact impulse of the hammer is directly proportional to the material quality and drop, and the impact impulse is directly related to the work hardening degree and wear resistance of the hammer. Therefore, the feeding particle size of large hammer crusher should not be too small, and the speed of feeding equipment should be higher.

In addition, too much water content will also have a certain impact on the hammer life. If the water content is too high, the material is easy to be agglomerated, resulting in material accumulation and aggravating the wear of hammer head.

Hammer crusher has the advantages of simple structure, large crushing ratio and easy operation and maintenance, but the hammer head is worn fast and the service life is short, which is also a prominent problem of the machine. In the actual production, to improve the service life of hammer crusher hammer, not only need our manufacturers to ensure and improve the material, mechanical performance and quality of hammer, but also need the correct use and scientific maintenance of users, so that the equipment is always in good condition.

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