Beneficiation method of placer gold ore

In recent years, the beneficiation technology and equipment of placer gold mine have become the mainstream of beneficiation industry. What are the beneficiation methods and equipment of placer gold mine? Next, Fodamon engineer will briefly introduce the beneficiation of placer gold mine. The selection of mining mode and equipment is closely related to the ore body. I hope it will be helpful to you.

  1. Gold panning method
    The content of gold in placer gold is very low. Generally, it needs to be beneficiated and enriched by various high-efficiency, energy-saving and other gold separation equipment, which is commonly known as gold panning. Among various gold panning methods, gravity separation is a method with the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection, and gravity separation is extremely suitable for the separation of placer gold. Therefore, gravity separation is the main method of placer gold beneficiation.
  2. Mining method of placer gold mine
    Placer gold deposits are usually mined by gold dredger mining, hydraulic mining, excavator mining and underground (shaft) mining.
  3. Beneficiation technology of placer gold ore
    The beneficiation method of placer gold is mainly gravity separation method. In the gravity separation process of placer gold, it is mainly divided into:

(1) Ore washing operation. The purpose of ore washing is to separate gravel, sand and granular soil, wash the fine mud adhered to the gravel and mix the gold particles in it.

(2) Screening operation. Generally, large pieces of gravel do not contain gold. In order to improve the efficiency of gold separation equipment, it is generally necessary to screen the placer gold after ore washing to remove large pieces of non gold bearing stones.

(3) Gravity separation operation. Gravity separation operation is the key operation of placer gold beneficiation. This process is the process of breaking most waste rocks and obtaining coarse gold concentrate. Therefore, the effect of this process directly affects the beneficiation index of the whole placer gold beneficiation process.

(4) Select homework. According to different types of placer gold deposits, various equipment and methods such as gravity separation equipment and mercury mixing equipment can be used for beneficiation in order to further improve the content of gold.

  1. Equipment for panning placer gold
    In the ore washing operation, the water flushing method is generally used for ore washing, which is simple and practical. It is also used to directly add water to the screening equipment for ore washing and screening together with the screening operation.

In the screening operation, the main equipment used are vibrating screen, trommel screen, etc. Trommel screen is the most commonly used screening equipment in placer gold concentrator.

Gravity separation is the core operation part of placer gold beneficiation. The common equipment of this operation part includes spiral chute, jig, etc. Among them, large and medium-sized gold concentrators use jigs as the main gravity separation equipment, and small gold concentrators use simple and inefficient gravity separation equipment such as chutes.

Different cleaning equipment shall be selected according to different types of gold ores. Gravity separation equipment can be used for single gold ores, and other combined processes can be used for gold ores containing other precious metals that need to be recovered at the same time.

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