CF Impact Crusher

Applied Materials:

Limestone, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebble, shale, coal, pebble, construction waste, etc.


Construction aggregate, railway, expressway, energy, cement, chemical and other industries.

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Introduction of CF Impact Crusher

The Impact crusher is named according to its working principle. It uses the principle of “stone striking iron” impact crushing to crush materials. It is a kind of crushing equipment finer than the jaw crusher. It is mainly used for medium and fine crushing in the stone production line and cooperates with the jaw crusher. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio and cubic particles after crushing. It is widely used in building materials, ore crushing, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries to crush medium and fine materials. Its discharge particle size can be adjusted and the crushing specifications are diversified.

Working Principle of CF Impact crusher

The impact crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. When the material enters the action area of the plate hammer, it is broken by the high-speed impact of the plate hammer, thrown to the counterattack device installed above the rotor for crushing again, and then bounced back to the action area of the plate hammer through the counterattack lining plate for crushing again. This process is repeated until the material is broken to the required particle size and discharged from the lower part of the machine. Adjusting the gap between the counterattack frame and the rotor can change the particle size and shape of materials. The machine adopts spring safety device after counterattack. When non broken materials enter the crushing chamber, the front and rear counterattack frames retreat, and the non broken materials are discharged from the machine.

Product advantages of CF Impact crusher

  1. Large crushing force: The rotor is of high strength and heavy design, with large moment of inertia and impact crushing force, which is more suitable for the crushing of large materials.
  2. One machine for two purposes: By adjusting the installation position of the counterattack frame, the conversion between coarse crushing and medium and fine crushing can be realized, and one machine is dual-purpose.
  3. Hydraulic adjustment: The clearance between the counterattack plate and the plate hammer is adjusted by hydraulic pressure, which is convenient and fast, and can effectively control the discharge particle size and good particle shape.
  4. Convenient maintenance: The opening of the rack is simple and convenient, which is convenient for maintenance, inspection and replacement of vulnerable parts inside the machine.

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CF impact crusher CF impact crusher CF impact crusher CF impact crusher

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Technical parameter of CF Impact Crusher


Feed opening (mm)

Max feeding size (mm)

Capacity (t/h)





















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