Rotary Drum Dryer

Production Capacity: 0.3-3 t/h

Application Scope: it is mainly used for drying materials with certain humidity or particle size in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, civil and other departments.

Product Introduction: the small temperature controlled dryer produced by our company has strong adaptability to materials, can dry all kinds of materials, and the equipment operation is simple and reliable, so it is widely used.

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Product Advantages:

Small temperature controlled dryer is a new type of small multifunctional dryer developed by our company. It is suitable for all kinds of drying operations, such as all kinds of agricultural crops, medicinal materials, gravel, coal ash and so on. And four feet can be equipped with wheels, which is convenient for mobile operation. Its drying capacity is small, which is more suitable for household use.

The small temperature control dryer includes two parts: the main body of the small dryer and the hot blast stove. The main body adopts the reverse downstream tower internal circulation structure, the overall modular structure, easy disassembly and transportation, small land occupation, good drying quality, low labor operation intensity and low equipment cost. The biomass hot blast stove uses corn straw as fuel, and the furnace and heat exchanger are designed in an integrated connection. It has the advantages of compact structure, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, less land occupation and good matching with the main body of the dryer. The small dryer is in line with the international concept of continuously improving the drying quality of materials, reducing energy consumption and loss, and is in line with the concept of green, quality assurance, fresh-keeping and drying.

rotary drum dryer

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rotary drum dryer

Working Principle:

Small temperature controlled dryer is a new type of continuous drying technology, which is fully combined with downstream drying, subsection differential cooling and cross flow cooling. The features are: according to the internal temperature and moisture distribution of materials, staggered downstream drying and differential slow drying are adopted, low temperature and large air volume are evenly dried, and a short slow speed section is designed in the middle to make a reasonable moisture and heat balance inside and outside the materials. The moisture of materials is uniform after drying, so as to ensure the quality after drying and improve the drying efficiency at the same time. The lower part of the small dryer is equipped with a long sluicing section to make the material sluicing and drying time have an appropriate proportion, so as to further ensure the quality of materials after drying.

The small dryer production line is designed with all-round hot air permeability, with a wide drying area. Through constant temperature ventilation device, automatic and rapid temperature regulation, and indirect heating of hot air, the materials are free from any pollution, ensuring uniform drying and excellent drying effect.

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