Fodamon EPC project for Copper, Lead, Zinc, Iron and Tungsten Polymetallic Mines

Fujian 500t EPC technology key project of copper, lead, zinc, iron and tungsten polymetallic ore is one of the key concentrator construction projects of our company in 2018. Starting from the establishment of the project engineering group, the project has been seriously studied and deployed, the quality assurance system of engineering technology has been established, the technical plan of the project has been worked out, and high-quality project managers, project chief engineers and professional technicians have been selected for implementation. Project management, technical support; project engineering team upholds the sincerity of pursuing excellence in mining industry, and is responsible for the follow-up safety production of mining enterprises. Overall arrangement, meticulous construction, dedicated service to mining enterprises.

The development of each project is an experience for the mining team, a growth of the mining technology, a witness of the strength of the mining resources; how many times of hard work can forge such a dynamic, multi-professional, comprehensive management of the technical management team – Fodamon Machinery.

Fodamon Machinery takes advantage of mineral processing technology, plant design, equipment manufacturing, installation and training. It has formed a full-service factory with matching equipment, civil construction, equipment installation, production commissioning and technical management contracting. At the end of February, the company’s Fujian 500t copper-lead-zinc-iron-tungsten multi-metal project team went to the project site to prepare for the next civil engineering implementation process.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, before the civil engineering project is carried out, our company and the mining enterprise master and construction unit will hold a coordination meeting at the project site to timely solve various problems that may occur during the construction to ensure high-quality and high-speed completion of the project.

In the construction process, we will combine the actual project, comply with the quality assurance system, strengthen the internal management, strict technical standards, the construction personnel carefully familiar with the design planning drawings, after a series of careful study of the design planning drawings, in accordance with the technical parameters, do everything The project locates and measures the discharge line; whether the pre-buried, position and quantity of the check wall and the cast-in-place board are consistent with the design drawings; when there is a problem, it should be handled by professional technicians; in ensuring the quality and duration of the project Under the premise, we will sort out the environmental awareness of all employees on the site, minimize the pollution to the environment, reduce the damage to the greening, and maximize the protection.

During the implementation of the project, the construction should be carried out in the order of the underground, the first and the second, and the construction of each main body should be strictly controlled. Each link is strictly controlled, the construction behavior is regulated, and quality control measures are used to ensure every link of the construction process. Under the controlled state, it lays a solid foundation for ensuring one-time inspection.

Every project link is strictly controlled, and every technology is regulated and operated. Every project is dedicated and meticulous; Fodamon Machinery, innovation first, technology-based. Join hands with the mines to go to the future of the beautiful mining industry.

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