Application of Mud And Stone Separator

Mud stone separator is also called the earth stone separator. It is suitable for the separation of mud stone, sand stone, ore and other stone materials, various kinds of domestic garbage, various kinds of commercial and industrial garbage, coal, decoration, construction waste, sticky and wet materials. It can be classified according to different proportion, size and shape, so as to reduce the load of subsequent separation equipment. The wheelbase and disc determine the size of the screening size. The selection size is very wide, and the number of running revolutions can be automatically adjusted according to the material composition and humidity. It not only greatly alleviates the shortage of resources, but also achieves the long-term mechanism of resource recycling.

The mud rock separator from FODAMON is mainly composed of box, box liner, disc, transmission shaft, speed regulating motor, motor pedestal, chain sprocket, bracket, etc.

The performance characteristics of mud stone separator are as follows:

  1. High screening accuracy, high efficiency, processing capacity is 4 times of the same volume of traditional roller screen, screening efficiency is 1.5 times of roller screen, single machine production capacity can be as high as about 1000t / h.
  2. It adopts the new technology of frequency conversion to drive and control, with small power, low energy consumption, high safety and stability, and adjustable processing capacity.
  3. The machine can work continuously, and can perform the functions of conveying, separating and screening under different industrial and mining conditions. It can realize multi-purpose of one machine.
  4. Special wear-resistant sprocket, chain linkage, double row chain design, high operation stability, strong and durable machinery, low noise, less vulnerable parts, easy to replace.
  5. Modular assembly, can be lengthened or shortened according to the material condition, convenient for maintenance and structural adjustment.
  6. Wide screening range, suitable for separation of all kinds of domestic waste, all kinds of commercial, industrial waste, mud, sand, ore and other stone materials, decoration, construction waste, sticky and wet materials.

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