How to reduce the influence of high temperature on the performance of ball mill?

Due to the impact of grinding minerals, the mechanical friction energy of the grinding materials and the energy released when the materials are broken, the temperature of the ball mill is too high, and the high temperature in summer, the working environment is even as high as forty or fifty degrees. In this way, the long-term high temperature of the ball mill brings a certain negative load to the whole equipment, and it will take a long time to “heatstroke”. If the ball mill is to maintain a stable ball milling operation for a long time, the mine owners must do a good job of cooling the ball mill in summer to prevent the phenomenon of “heatstroke”. So how do you prevent it? Fodamon engineers have a few suggestions as below.

  1. Strengthen the ventilation inside and outside the ball mill

According to the heat balance of the ball mill, the cooling air flow of the ball mill can be calculated. This method is the simplest one. According to the heat balance calculation of ball mill, the heat carried by the ventilation of ball mill usually accounts for 20% of the total heat discharged by ball mill. Enhanced ventilation can bring the outside cooling air into the ball mill, dilute the heat molecules inside the ball mill, thus gradually reducing the temperature inside the ball mill. If good ventilation can be achieved, the internal device of the ball mill must be reconstructed and modified to ventilate and reduce heat.

It should be noted that although the internal ventilation of the mill can reduce the temperature of the material, the ventilation in the mill is not only restricted by factors such as system resistance, air lock, air leakage, etc., but also restricted by the fineness of the product. The air volume is too large to make the ball mill grind. The effect is worse. Therefore, there is a limit to reducing the temperature of the milled material by increasing the ventilation inside the mill mill.

  1. A device that increases the effect of water spray or cooling

Generally, the grinding system has a large number of equipment and pipes, and the heat dissipation surface is large. We can make full use of the surface strengthening cooling and heat dissipation of the grinding system, such as spraying atomized water into the outer wall of the flour separator and making a flume along the outer side of the screw conveyor. It is also feasible to spray water from the grinding head or tail when the ball mill is working, but only when the temperature of the grinding material is higher than 100 C, can the water be sprayed from the feed end of the ball mill or downstream. In addition, we can also install a cooling device for the ball mill, cooling the grinding minerals and cooling the surface layer of the grinding equipment under high temperature grinding, so that the temperature of the ball mill can be controlled in an ideal state by two pipes, and the “heatstroke” preheating of the grinding equipment can be done well. Prevention work.

  1. Improve the lubricity of the ball mill

We can add suitable and sufficient lubricating oil to the rotating bearings of ball mill, so as to prevent friction heating phenomenon between bearing parts due to less lubricating oil, and thus eliminate the abnormal high temperature problem of ball mill, and alleviate the phenomenon of “heatstroke” of ball mill.

Generally, when the ball mill is running, the temperature rise of the main bearing lubricating oil does not exceed 55℃, the temperature rise of the transmission bearing and the reducer does not exceed 55℃, and the maximum does not exceed 60 ° C; all lubricating oil should be fully used when the ball mill is put into continuous operation for one month. Release, thoroughly clean, replace the new oil, and then change the oil every 6 months in combination with the medium repair; the lubrication of each lubrication point of the ball mill and the oil level are checked at least every 4 hours.

Adding grinding aids

Aiming at the problems of excessive temperature in grinding system, serious over-grinding phenomenon and decreasing grinding efficiency of ball mill, we can use grinding aids to reduce the degree of adhesion in ball mill, improve grinding efficiency of ball mill and reduce the vicious circle of high temperature.

If the ball mill is not subjected to cooling measures for a long time under high temperature conditions, it is easy to reduce the grinding efficiency, shorten the service life and increase the maintenance workload, which not only causes damage to the ball mill itself, but also causes the grinding products to fail and the performance is lowered. . Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of cooling the ball mill.

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