Can granite crusher be used to crush limestone?

Recently, a customer asked, broken granite crusher can be used to break limestone? Today, let’s let the engineers of Fodamon engineer explain to you in detail.

One machine with multiple functions is our ideal pursuit. In the field of crushing, we usually choose the type of crushing equipment according to the hardness and production capacity of crushing materials.

Generally speaking, the common granite belongs to the medium hard or above rock, which has higher hardness and compressive strength. So in the configuration of the production line program, more is to choose the cone crusher to crush granite.

Cone crusher adopts the principle of laminated crushing, which has high crushing efficiency and good wear resistance, and is very suitable for handling materials with high hardness.

In the scientific production line configuration scheme, a cone crusher is generally required to act as the secondary crushing, and another cone crusher as the tertiary crushing.

This configuration can not only ensure the stable operation of sand production line, effectively crush granite and other hard rocks, but also obtain high-quality hard sand aggregate.

Limestone is a kind of material with low hardness. When dealing with this kind of material, equipment such as impact crusher and hammer crusher are often used, and impact energy is used to break it.

Although the cone breaking can also deal with limestone, because of the low hardness of limestone, it may lead to problems such as over crushing, needle flake and so on. The obtained stone does not use the impact energy to get excellent aggregate quality.

In a word, the selection of crusher is a serious and prudent thing, and the basis of crusher selection is the needs of users, the hardness of materials is only one of the basis, the appropriate scheme often needs to consider all aspects of factors.

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