How to configure equipment for a 100 tons/hour limestone sand production line?

Limestone is abbreviated as limestone. Its chemical composition is mainly calcium carbonate, which is easy to dissolve. It is the main material for burning lime and cement, as well as the flux for ironmaking and steelmaking. Generally, it is crushed for subsequent use. The output of aggregate production line ranges from several hundred It can range from several thousand. Next, in this article, the Fodamon engineer will use a limestone crushing production line with an hourly output of 100 tons as an example to describe the configuration of its production line equipment.

01. Limestone crushing production line technology

For this type of rock, coarse crushing and medium-fine crushing processes are generally used to process raw materials to finished products. This process is also suitable for basalt, diabase and other materials that are difficult to crush or have high crushing costs.

(1). Information on limestone production projects with an hourly output of 100 tons

Production line capacity: 100t/h

Raw material characteristics: large content of limestone and clay

Finished product specifications: 0-5mm

Proportion of finished products: 80%

Environmental protection emission standards: Dust emission concentration ≤20mg/Nm³, wastewater discharge reaches zero, and noise emission meets national standards.

(2). Selection of main equipment for Limestone production line

The sand and gravel production line generally includes crushing, screening, and finished product storage. According to the output and the characteristics of the limestone material, the crushing link selects a two-stage crushing system consisting of coarse crushing + medium and fine crushing.

02. Configuration of limestone production line with an hourly output of 100 tons

(01). Selection of coarse breaking equipment

Jaw crusher is often selected as the primary crushing equipment for sand and stone production. This equipment is suitable for primary and secondary crushing of any material. There are many product models and large processing capacity.

(02). Selection of medium and fine crushing equipment

The conventional selection of medium and fine breaking equipment is cone crusher or impact crusher. Considering the small output, it is recommended to use a fine crusher with screen strip screening effect, good particle size of finished products, both crushing and sand making effect, and small investment compared with cone breaking and impact breaking.

(03). Selection of screening washing equipment

The stone screening equipment generally adopts circular vibrating screen, which has high screening efficiency and large processing capacity. When the circular screening equipment is equipped with pressure water distribution system, it can be used as stone washing equipment. With the help of hydraulic flushing, the stones roll and vibrate on the screen surface, which is easier to wash the fine mud adhered to the surface.

For 0 ~ 4.75mm products, mud powder and stone powder can generally be washed by wheel bucket sand washer to obtain machine-made sand.

(04). Finished material storage system

The washed products shall be stored in the open air, and at least two belt weighers shall be set under each pile, so as to easily control the reasonable gradation of sand and gravel aggregate for export.

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