Classification and beneficiation method of manganese ore

Manganese is a common metal mineral in nature. There are more than 150 kinds of manganese minerals found in nature so far, but only a small part of manganese ores with mining and utilization value are mainly pyrolusite, pyrolusite, biogas manganese ore, etc. According to the different processing methods, manganese ore can be roughly divided into five categories: manganese oxide ore, carbonate manganese ore, iron manganese ore, manganese iron ore and multi metal composite manganese ore. Due to the different types of ore deposits and ore properties, various manganese ore dressing process is also different. The following Fodamon engineers will introduce in detail the ore characteristics, beneficiation methods and equipment of these four types of manganese ores.

Beneficiation method of manganese oxide ore
Manganese oxide ore accounts for most of the available manganese ore. A large amount of slime is often produced in surface oxidized manganese ore, but it usually contains a lot of manganese minerals. Therefore, the treatment of manganese ore slime is also a very important aspect. On the basis of this classification, according to the manganese content and the difference of mineral disseminated particle size, it can be divided into massive disseminated rich manganese ore, small and granular disseminated poor manganese ore, and fine granular disseminated poor manganese ore.

Massive disseminated manganese rich ore
The manganese content in this kind of manganese ore is high, and the upper limit of particle size is between 40-75mm. Simple manganese ore dressing method can be used for separation, and high-grade manganese concentrate can be obtained by simple screening or gravity separation. Therefore, the commonly used manganese ore dressing methods include heavy medium beneficiation, jigging beneficiation, shaking table beneficiation, etc. The required equipment includes round vibrating screen, jig, shaker, etc.

Small and granular disseminated lean manganese ore
The manganese content in this kind of manganese ore is low, usually less than 30%, and the manganese mineral particle size is small, the mud content is large, and the treatment method is more complex. Due to the weak magnetism of manganese ore itself, the gravity magnetic flotation combined process is often used to recover the manganese ore at present, that is, part of the slime containing manganese minerals is selected through ore washing, and then the combined process of jigging gravity separation strong magnetic separation flotation is used to recover manganese minerals. The required equipment includes jig, magnetic separator, flotation machine, etc.

Fine granular disseminated lean manganese ore
The manganese content in this kind of manganese ore is generally less than 15%, and the particle size is very small and evenly distributed. It is difficult to use a single mechanical beneficiation method for recovery. Chemical leaching or combined process of mechanical beneficiation and chemical leaching is usually used.

Beneficiation method of carbonate manganese ore
The manganese minerals in carbonate manganese ore mainly exist in the form of manganese carbonate with fine disseminated particle size. Flotation is the main beneficiation method for this kind of manganese ore, but there are some problems such as high metal loss and high reagent consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with high intensity magnetic separation or gravity separation in production. The required equipment is JJF flotation machine, SF flotation machine, magnetic separator and so on.

Beneficiation method of ferromanganese ore
Manganese is the main recovery metal in iron manganese ore, and the total content of manganese and iron is more than 30%. Compared with manganese oxide ore, iron manganese ore is more difficult to separate, and the difficulty lies in the separation of iron and manganese minerals. In production, the method of washing jigging gravity separation roasting magnetic separation can be used to recover iron concentrate and manganese concentrate. Manganese concentrate containing 5.4% iron and 46.3% manganese can be obtained, and the recovery rate can reach 75.5%. The required equipment includes drum washing machine, jig, magnetic separator, etc.

Beneficiation method of manganese bearing iron ore
The content of manganese in this kind of ore is low, only 5% – 10%. At the same time, it has the characteristics of fine disseminated particle size and close symbiosis of iron and manganese minerals, so it is difficult to recover by mechanical beneficiation. The chemical leaching method is a common mineral processing method for this kind of manganese ore, and the recovery index is obviously better than the traditional mechanical separation method.

Mineral processing method of polymetallic composite manganese ore
In addition to manganese minerals, there are a certain amount of iron, lead, zinc, magnesium, aluminum, copper, silver and other metal minerals, mostly in the form of oxide ore. Manganese minerals are closely combined with silver, iron and other minerals, which are difficult to separate. For this kind of ore, high intensity magnetic separation, gravity separation, flotation and other mineral processing methods can be used. Firstly, the slime of manganese ore is separated by washing and sieving, and then other recoverable minerals are separated. The required equipment includes drum washing machine, linear vibrating screen, magnetic separator, XCF flotation machine, etc.

To sum up, we can find that due to the special nature of manganese ore, the slime also contains a lot of manganese minerals, and the slime is also an important part of manganese recovery. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to the recovery of ore slime in order to ensure that the recovery rate of manganese ore can reach the expectation. It is suggested that the mine owner should consult the manufacturer with the overall qualification of the concentrator, select reasonable manganese ore dressing process flow through scientific beneficiation test report, and customize various manganese ore dressing equipment to ensure ideal recovery benefits.

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