Properties and Application of Dolomite

The main component of dolomite is calcium magnesium carbonate, the chemical composition is CaMg (CO3)2, the theoretical chemical composition is CaO30.4%, MgO21.7%, CO247.9%, Mg in the composition can be replaced by Fe, Mn, Co, Zn , Ca can be replaced by Pb and Na. When the number of iron or manganese atoms exceeds magnesium, it is called iron dolomite or manganese dolomite.

The physical properties of dolomite are white, gray, flesh color, colorless, green, brown, black, dark pink, etc., transparent to translucent, with glass luster. The aggregates are usually granular; the crystal structure is similar to calcite and often rhombohedral. The calcination of dolomite can be divided into two stages: MgCO3 begins to decompose in 730-740 ℃ calcium magnesium carbonate, and MgO and CO2 are produced. When the temperature continues to rise to about 910 ℃, the decomposition reaction of CaCO3 in dolomite begins. At this time, all carbon dioxide is removed and a mixture of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide is formed.

Dolomite is a kind of non-metallic mineral with a very wide range of uses. It is an important calcium and magnesium resource on the earth with extremely rich reserves.

Dolomite is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, refractory materials, building materials, ceramics, glass, chemical industry, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection and energy conservation. It is a non-metallic mineral resource that can be developed and utilized in many ways. Development, the development and application of dolomite has penetrated into various fields of social development, becoming a mineral resource of great economic value. For example, it can be used in refractory materials, magnesium smelting industry, production of magnesium compounds, production of glass, production of ceramics, production of paints, garden decoration materials, adjustment of soil pH and so on.

Dolomite processing equipment mainly includes crusher, raymond mill, rotary kiln, etc. Specific needs according to customer requirements and uses, Fodamon engineer will do configuration of appropriate process flow and equipment.

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