Construction waste can be recycled for making sand

Construction waste is construction waste caused by house demolition and rebuilding of urban roads. The main materials are massive piles of concrete, waste bricks, waste tiles, glass, etc., which not only occupy a lot of land resources, but also seriously affect the decline of urban environmental quality. Fodamon engineers made the following summary based on sharing years of construction waste disposal experience.

With the rapid development of infrastructure, the development of highways, railways, houses, and other buildings is inseparable from sand and gravel aggregates. In order to meet the market demand for sand and gravel, construction waste can be used as recycled products after sand processing and can be used in construction Among them, increase resource utilization.

Where can construction waste be used after making sand?

After the construction waste is processed into sand, it can be used as recycled aggregate, recycled inorganic mixture, recycled brick, recycled concrete, etc., and applied to the fields of construction engineering, building aggregate, garden and so on.

How does construction waste make sand? You need this mobile construction waste disposal line.

Disposing of construction waste is not an easy task. It contains more impurities, is difficult to sort, and covers a large area, a small area, and high raw material transportation costs. This mobile construction waste disposal equipment is very Suitable.

  1. Go deep into the job site, no need to transport construction waste.

The mobile construction waste treatment production line, which is often referred to as the mobile crusher, is divided into tire type and crawler type, which can penetrate into the construction waste site and carry out crushing and sand making on site without having to transport back and forth, which is very convenient.

  1. Flexible configuration, construction waste can become aggregates of various specifications.

The mobile construction waste treatment production line can be combined with various crushers according to the needs of users. It can be equipped with jaw crushing to produce coarse aggregates, and can be equipped with counter-breaking or cone crushing to produce medium-fine aggregates. It produces the fine sand we usually use.

  1. Intelligent control, dual use of oil and electricity, construction waste disposal is no longer a problem.

This device can be regarded as the intelligent representative of the mining industry, dual-use oil and electricity, remote control, remote control, one-button switching operation mode, etc. The production site does not need too many technical personnel, and it is easy to get started.

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