Difference between Impact crusher and Hammer crusher

It’s also crushing stone. What are the differences between Impact crusher and Hammer crusher. Let’s take a look at some of the conclusions given by Fodamon’s engineers.

  1. Different crushing chamber
    The crushing chamber of impact breaking is large, and the feed port is low and large. The crushing of materials not only depends on the impact of hammer head, but also uses the repeated impact between materials and impact plate or between materials and materials. The impact breaking effect is more sufficient, so as to better crush large materials. The broken chamber is small and the structure has good sealing performance, which solves the problems of dust pollution in the broken space and dust leakage of the machine body.The action direction of plate hammer / hammer head is different
  2. The impact breaking plate hammer meets the material from the bottom to the top for crushing operation, and will throw the material to the upper impact plate. Hammer crusher is along the direction of material falling to break.
  3. Wear of wearing parts is different
    Plate hammer and hammer head are the main vulnerable parts of impact and hammer respectively. The wear of the plate hammer of the impact crusher mainly occurs on the side facing the material, and the metal utilization rate of the plate hammer can reach 45% – 48%. Compared with plate hammer, the hammer head is more seriously worn, and the utilization rate of metal is about 35%.
  4. Different discharging adjustment methods
    There is no grate screen at the lower part of the impact crusher. The adjustment of the product size can be controlled by adjusting the rotor speed or rotor diameter, adjusting the opening size of the distributor, and adjusting the gap of the grinding chamber. The hammer crusher controls the product size by adjusting the size of the sieve plate gap. Therefore, in the treatment of materials with high moisture content, the impact crusher can avoid blocking the grate bar when crushing wet materials, and has more advantages.
  5. Different rotor links
    The plate hammer and the rotor of the impact crusher are rigidly linked, that is, the plate hammer is fixed on the rotor, which can make full use of the inertia of the whole rotor to impact the material when crushing, not only crushing the material, but also has great speed and kinetic energy. The hammer head of the hammer crusher is a single material crushing (the hammer head is in a suspended state), with limited speed and kinetic energy.

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