How make tunnel slag turned into sand?

With the development of road engineering, the proportion of tunnel and excavation Subgrade in mountain road engineering is increasing. In the process of tunnel and subgrade excavation, a large number of tunnel slag and stone slag will inevitably be produced. Due to the influence of construction technology, construction organization and other factors, a large number of tunnel tunnel slag and excavation road foundation stone slag (refers to the stone waste residue excavated in the construction process) can not be reasonably used, so it is often necessary to set up special spoil ground to waste. The waste of cave slag and stone slag not only occupies land resources, but also affects the environment. Sometimes, it will form hidden danger due to improper disposal. Fodamon engineers shares how to turn the slag into sand and turn waste into treasure.

1. Excavation
In the process of excavation, the excavation method should be determined according to the rock type, weathering degree and joint development degree. After excavation, the site preliminary inspection shall be carried out first, that is, visual observation and hammering detection shall be carried out according to the experience. After the preliminary inspection meets the relevant requirements, it shall be sent to the laboratory for accurate detection, and a large number of transportation can be carried out after the inspection is qualified.

2. Transportation
Excavators are used to excavate and load, and dump trucks are used to transport to raw material area of gravel processing plant.

3. Processing
The two-stage crushing process and jaw crusher are used in the primary crushing, which is mainly used for coarse crushing and intermediate crushing of various ores and bulk materials. The secondary crushing adopts impact crusher. Such as The processing method is vibration feeder feeding, the first crushing adopts PE600x900 jaw crusher (the equipment shall be equipped with strip screen, which is used to filter soil and long and thin flat block stone, crushing the stone with diameter of 500mm to less than 130mm. PF1315 impact crusher is used in the second crushing to crush the stone with the diameter of 130mm to less than 40mm. After that, the crushed stones are divided into final products through vibration screening, i.e. the diameters are 4.75-9.50 mm, 0-9.5 mm, 9.5-19.0 mm and 19.0-31.5 mm. The oversized particles are returned to the impact crusher for crushing again to crush the stones into final products.

4. Detection and Application
The finished products must be sent to a third-party testing agency for testing before use, and can be used only after passing the inspection.

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