How to dry chicken manure and obtain economic benefits?

Chicken manure rotary dryer is used to dry chicken manure, duck manure, pig manure, quail manure and other animal manure, slaughtering wastes, etc. It is suitable for large, medium and small chicken farms and areas with developed breeding industry. According to the requirements of drying products, different heat sources can be used. Such as: coal, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biomass particles, etc.

The chicken manure dryer is suitable for drying chicken manure, duck manure, poultry manure, slaughter scraps, etc. with a moisture content of less than 80% to 13% moisture content. Due to the high moisture content of chicken manure and high adhesion, it is directly used for drying The cost of the dryer is higher. If you add a chicken manure dehydrator before the dryer. It has a good effect on opening up feed resources, reducing feeding costs, and reducing environmental pollution.

Chicken manure dryer is the necessary equipment for making pure chicken manure organic fertilizer. Pure chicken manure organic fertilizer is based on fresh chicken manure as the main raw material. It is refined after thorough dust removal, purification, high temperature drying, concentration and crushing, disinfection and sterilization, decomposition and deodorization. Contains a variety of nutrient elements necessary for crops. It is confirmed by relevant experts of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences that the nitrogen content is 2.6%, the phosphorus content is 3.5%, the potassium content is 2.5%, the crude protein is 16-25%, and the organic matter is 45. %.

The purpose of the chicken manure dryer is to dry chicken manure, which is made by adding fertilizer and auxiliary materials to dry chicken manure, and sell fish feed and fruit tree feed. The biggest performance characteristics of the chicken manure dryer are dust removal and deodorization, fresh chicken manure can be used as pig feed, and the waste is also organic fertilizer. The whole operation process of chicken manure dryer is in a fully closed state. Not only can reduce the environmental pollution, but also can play the role of energy conservation and environmental protection. Chicken manure dryer is a necessary equipment for making pure chicken manure organic fertilizer.

The market of general dried chicken manure feed is very popular, and the price ranges from 200 to 500 yuan per ton. The price varies according to the proportion of organic fertilizer added. For the majority of farmers, waste saving and emission reduction, environmental protection and energy saving, investment is not high, greatly improving the chain of agriculture, but also for farmers to increase production and income saving funds. The monthly income can exceed 8000 yuan, and the investment cost can be recovered in 12 months.

Through large-scale experiments, 100Kg fertilization per mu of wheat can increase yield by more than 20%, vegetable fertilization 100Kg per acre can increase yield by more than 30%, fruit tree fertilization 25Kg can increase yield by more than 40%, and watermelon fertilization 100Kg per mu can increase yield by more than 40%. No longer use other fertilizers. The organic fertilizer is a yellow-brown uniform granular product, has no pollution, no smell, is convenient to use, has high fertilizer efficiency, is beneficial to improve the soil, and overcomes the salt-alkali damage caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizers. It is suitable for crops such as wheat, rice, peanuts, melons and fruit trees to improve the quality of crops, improve the quality of melons and fruits, and is beneficial to human health. It is the best fertilizer for the cultivation of pollution-free green food.

This product can also be used as a feed additive for feeding fish, cattle, pigs, etc. The chicken manure dryer occupies a small area. Usually, we can use a simple shed to complete simple equipment layout. A 15m×20m site can cover the loading and unloading of the small chicken manure dryer and the silo. Its cost is 300 yuan per square meter.

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