Recovery and Reuse of Steel Slag

As the basic raw material industry of national economy, iron and steel industry plays an important role in economic development. Iron and steel industry, as a major energy and resource consumer, how to reduce costs and increase efficiency? Fodamon engineer will show you about the recycling of steel slag.

With the rapid growth of iron and steel industry, the treatment and resource utilization of steel slag are also valued. The resource utilization of steel slag can not only alleviate the limited resource space, beautify our homes, but also make a great breakthrough in our economic change.

What is steel slag?

Steel slag is a kind of waste slag produced in the process of steelmaking. It is basically black gray and looks like caked cement clinker. Although it is called waste slag, steel slag itself contains many minerals and trace elements as well as special physical and mechanical properties, so the use of steel slag is also very extensive.

Use of steel slag

  1. Steel slag powder made from steel slag can be used as cement mixed material.
  2. Steel slag as a mineral admixture can be used for concrete.
  3. After desulfurization of steel slag, it can be used as fertilizer, cement raw material and saline-alkali land reforming agent.
  4. High strength artificial reef concrete is made from steel tailings.
  5. Preparation of super low shrinkage tailing high strength concrete from steel tailing.
  6. Steel slag grinding powder can be made into steel slag cement, steel slag composite powder and curing agent.
  7. The steel extracted from the slag can be cast into billets.
  8. The steel slag can be used as the base material for railway foundation, large area pavement foundation, square, etc.
  9. After grinding, the steel slag can be used as color pavement brick, etc.

Steel slag processing and production process

According to the characteristics of steel slag and the requirements of finished products, crushing and screening equipment, iron removal equipment and grinding equipment can be selected to process it, and according to the requirements of use, to different particle sizes.
At present, the technology of steel slag recycling is mature. Generally,vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, steel slag ball mill, vibrating screen, vertical shaft impact crusher and iron remover are used in the corresponding crushing and grinding production line.

Rod mill is the main processing equipment of steel slag. The steel slag rod mill is driven by the motor, reducer and the surrounding big gear reducer or by the low-speed synchronous motor directly through the surrounding big gear reducer to rotate the cylinder. The steel slag materials are processed with the cylinder to the finished products. In the whole process, the discharging particle size is uniform, the output is high, and the finished product is of high quality. Feed particle size: ≤ 25 – ≤ 50mm, discharge particle size: 0.833-0.147mm, production capacity: 0.62-180t/h.

Advantages of slag rod mill:

  1. Uniform product particle size: when the material mixed with coarse particles rises along the lining plate, the rod mill makes the fine material pass through the gap, which is also conducive to crushing the coarse particles, and makes the coarse particles concentrated in the place hit by the grinding medium, so the product particle size of the rod mill is relatively uniform.
  2. large processing capacity: in the grinding process of rod mill, grinding medium is in linear contact with ore, so it has certain selective grinding effect. Especially when it is used for rough grinding, the capacity of rod mill is much larger than that of ball mill of the same specification.
  3. Less over grinding phenomenon: the particle size characteristics of rod grinding products are related to the situation of rod grinding of ore. when the steel rod in the rod mill strikes the ore, the first thing is to strike the coarse particles, and then to grind the smaller particles, thus reducing the risk of over grinding.
  4. Adjustable discharging fineness: the discharging granularity can be changed by simple adjustment, with built-in fineness control device, and screening device can be added for discharging, with two checks to ensure that there is neither over grinding nor blending of unqualified products into finished products.

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