Use of Heavy Chain Conveyor

Many customers are unfamiliar with heavy chain conveyor. Fodamon engineer will show you the use of heavy chain conveyor.

The diversity of goods transported. Chain conveyor is suitable for transporting large goods, metal and other large materials. For example, steel scrap loading, aluminum scrap loading, all kinds of box loading goods, etc.

Adaptability to harsh transportation environment. The chain conveyor can work normally in all kinds of harsh environments, and can adapt to various working conditions such as low temperature, high temperature, toxic medium, corrosive medium and rough loading. So chain conveyor can be used in high temperature production line, rough loading production line and the whole cargo transportation line.

The arbitrariness of the flow direction of the transported goods. The chain conveyor can not only realize the horizontal transmission but also the inclined transmission, but also realize the multi-directional combination according to the environmental conditions of the workshop, so as to carry out the undulating and circuitous transmission, so as to maximize the arbitrariness of the flow direction of the transported goods.

It can carry accurately and stably when working. The chain plate conveyor is through the drive chain wheel and the chain mesh to realize the operation of the chain. Therefore, unlike belt drive, there will be elastic sliding, which can ensure the correct, stable and accurate synchronous conveying of chain conveyor. Therefore, this feature is often used to control the beat of production line in the process of automatic production.

Long service life and high working efficiency. The life and efficiency of the conveyor depends on the conveying elements. The conveying elements of chain board conveyor are conveying chain and chain board. The components of conveying chain and chain board can be made of various materials with different properties, but mainly of metal materials. The design and manufacture of chain and chain plate have achieved the harmony and rationality of the whole and component performance. Therefore, compared with other conveying elements, the conveying chain has the characteristics of high strength and long service life. In addition, the chain and sprocket are meshing transmission, and the friction resistance inside the chain hinge is small, so the chain conveyor has the characteristics of long life and high efficiency.

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