Superfine grinding material – Carbon black

Carbon black is a kind of amorphous carbon. Light, loose and very fine black powder, with a very large surface area, ranging from 10-3000 ㎡/g, is the product of incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition of carbon containing substances under the condition of insufficient air.

It is also an important pigment after titanium dioxide, consuming about 6 million tons of rubber carbon black annually, and about 250,000 tons of carbon black for coloring and other uses. Carbon black is manufactured through a precisely controlled production method, and can form about 50 different varieties, used in the rubber industry up to 30 kinds. There are more types of carbon black used for coloring and other purposes, including dispersion of carbon black, masterbatch, conductive compound, slurry and paint sheet.

With the development of the industry, the current carbon black industry in China is developing synchronously with the advancement of the rubber industry. The demand is increasing year by year, and it is also exporting in large quantities. More and more companies are joining the processing carbon black industry, making the corresponding processing equipment demand The volume has also grown rapidly.

To apply carbon black to various fields, it needs to be processed into fine powder that meets various industry standards through a mill. The HGM ultrafine mill produced by Fodamon is a kind of equipment for processing fine powder and ultrafine powder. It can process carbon black products of 200 mesh to 2500 mesh to meet the needs of different fields. It can also be freely adjusted according to different fineness requirements, which can save energy and reduce consumption, increase output, ensure product stability, and solve various production problems for enterprises.

Our HGM Micro Powder Mill is equipped with a soundproof room, which can not only play a role of dust prevention during processing, but also reduce noise and meet the requirements of dust removal and noise reduction. Combined with advanced intelligent frequency conversion speed regulation device, it can not only increase output, but also reduce power consumption and save more than 30% energy than other equipment. All wearing parts are made of wear-resistant materials, which not only make them more wear-resistant, but also extend the service life. There are no bearings and screws inside the grinding cavity, which avoids a series of problems such as the high temperature burnout of the bearings caused by the dust entering the bearings during the machining process or the damage of the equipment caused by the screws falling off. Both the bearing and the refueling hole are designed on the outside to ensure the convenience of 24 hours non-stop and refueling, avoiding hidden dangers caused by refueling or maintenance.

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